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5-0 in Chicago’s rail jam.

So the staff at Michigan Boarder thought we would take the time to introduce ourselves in a sporadic feature called the Contributor Spotlight.  In this, we will take the time to give you some personal info on us and our snowboarding background. This time around I am going to tell you about a dude that is a great friend and an even more amazing person.  Matt Thommen.

Describing Matt is easy.  He is super funny and super positive all the time. There is no one more fun to snowboard with.  I can say without a doubt Matt was my personal snowboarding idol. This is a common statement amongst many shreds in a surprisingly wide age group in my area. Matt was responsible for our home resorts initial park set up michigan boarder, snowboard, michigan, midwest, snowboarding, matt thommen, contributor, tony alvaand he constantly facilitated additions to that park.  He put on the first freestyle-oriented events and, in general, was super involved in the snowboarding scene in Michigan. Matt was proshop manager at a small shop called The Edge and through that Matt supplied everyone in the area with the gear they needed.  I mean I can’t say enough.  I mean dudes a legend.  I have never ever met someone with such a profound love and natural connection to the sport. Matt is a true snowboarder through and through and never once, despite how dominant his skill levels were compared to everyone else’s, did he show a hint of an ego.  I am so happy to have him on board with this project. When this site was just a thought; he was the one on the phone with me helping with ideas and counseling me through the early days of MB.  He is still here supporting and providing awesome gear and product reviews.  Matt is still a proshop manager of sorts, but has moved up quite a bit and is currently boss hog at Chicago’s own Shred Shop. I am super proud to be able to call him a friend and am as equally proud to have him on the team. I must add he is a top shelf dad as well.


Name Matt Thommen
Hometown Chicago (originally from Portage, MI)
Years Snowboarding: Since the 80’s
Home Resort: Bittersweet
Set Up In between boards right now (RIP Forum)
32 TM 2 boots
32 Blahzay Pants
32 Shiloh 2 Jacket
Stance Goofy


So man how is shredding in Illinois?

Its Midwest shredding man, any riding is good riding.

Anything happening here in the Mitten lately you’ve heard about that you’re stoked on?

Stoked to see the resorts focusing more on the parks. Building more elaborate set ups, maintaining and keeping things fresh.

What made you decide to be a lead contributor for Michigan Boarder?

Grew up riding in Michigan with some great people and was stoked to hear about a website focused on what I grew up doing.  Snowboarding was born in Michigan and it’s great to be a part of the continued growth of Michigan’s snowboard legacy.

michigan boarder, snowboard, michigan, midwest, snowboarding, matt thommen, contributor

Matt keeping track at a Chi town skate comp.

You coming up this year to ride?

I always try to get back and ride whenever I can.  The 4 days last season at Bittersweet was the most fun I had riding last year!

That was super fun!

What are you looking forward to most this season?

Riding! Hopefully we will get some snow this year. Looking forward to testing some new boards and going to 32 boot camp.

Shit I forgot you’re super lucky and get to go to that each year.  How many times is that now?

8 years now.

Dang must be nice!!! You mentioned being in between boards. What are you riding this year then?

I am testing out a DC Tone and I always have my trusty Thirtytwo deck. Prolly check out a few new things. I really like the Burton Nug FV for farting around it’s like riding a skateboard.

You work at an amazing board shop now and have worked at other shops before. Out of all the boards that have come through what’s your favorite of all time?

Forum Destroyer, never had a board that rode so well no matter where or what you were riding. Morrow Lithium (Pre K2 buyout) is a very close 2nd

michigan boarder, snowboard, michigan, midwest, snowboarding, matt thommen, contributor

Matt showing off the new Interior Plain Project boards.

Ha Ha, I knew it! Whatever man that’s you, so as you know we ask everyone these two questions and I can’t just let you slide so here we go….

Whats wrong with snowboarding?

People hating on riders/companies/etc with no good reason.  i.e. Shaun White is an amazing rider no doubt. Just because he makes a bunch of money from (insert company here) doesn’t make him any less of a rider. Him being “sold out” gets people/kids excited about snowboarding, which means more people ride, which means snowboarding grows as a whole.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg. He doesn’t have to be your favorite rider but don’t talk shit when you don’t know what you’re talking about.

I hate Shaun White, but I have mild to semi good reasons. Anyhow…

Whats right with snowboarding?

Everything Else! Snowboarding is amazing!

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