Genesis EST by Burton

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Genesis EST by Burton

Who : Burton
What : Genesis EST
Where : Your Local Burton Dealer
When : Currently in stock!
Why : With a slightly softer flex, it combines anatomical elements that smooth and cushion the overall experience with the latest breakthroughs in hi-back and strap design to wrap and cradle your boots in complete suspension. Advanced composites keep it lightweight, while The Hinge activates foot roll for less fatigue and easier ollies.

Hinge video
How : This binding has been a great addition to Burtons line offering a high end all mountain binding that definitely kicks it up a notch from the already iconic Cartel.  With a medium/stiff overall flex (6 out of 10) its not too stiff to shred park but not to soft for J-Jack to slay the backcountry! One of the first things you’ll notice is the Kickback highback. The interaction between an internal spring and rubberized hammock results in increased response and reduced vibration while your heel is cradled in complete suspension. The next (and the biggest) feature is the Hammock Strap. No padding means quick edge to edge, and dual components with smart shaping means comfort! The third mind blowing feature is the Hinge heelloop/baseplate construction. The heelloop and walls are on a pivot point that flexes dynamically with your leg for increased foot roll, less fatigue, and easier ollies. Burton just might of re-invented the buckle/ladder system as well. The ladders are 2 sided with angled teeth on top and… to be honest, way too much to type. You need to stop by your local dealer and see it, ON POINT!

Highback Video
Personal Thoughts : This is the easiest review I’ve ever written. I’ve been riding since 1989 and have never had a more comfortable binding wrapped around my feet. It’s the perfect example that more padding doesn’t necessarily mean more comfortable. If you shape a strap properly that’s all you need. When you have your ratchets cranked it feels like you’re standing on your board and your boots are laced up tight. You don’t feel the binding! As for the hinge, you won’t feel any difference hitting jumps but anytime you have load up and unload an ollie, it’s there! The straps are the smoothest easiest straps I’ve ever used as well. And for anyone not riding a Burton board with the Channel don’t worry, it comes in a Re-flex model so you can enjoy the amazingness on any board (no Hinge on Re-Flex model though)! “Worth its weight in gold”

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