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Bsweet snowmaking

First I would like to personally apologize for MichiganBoarder’s complete lack of visual documentation for this article. Turns out we were just enjoying our first day back and didn’t really plan on doing this write up. That being said, we just had to share what was some of the staff and our good friends first day back.

Bsweet photo Brad kearns

photo by Brad Kearns

I had originally got the news they were planning to open many days before I had mentioned it on Facebook.  I held back as long as I could which was good because even when I announced the news just the day before I was pretty much laughed at. I am pretty sure 3 or 4 people lost a hundred dollar bet to me. It’s cool you guys can owe me especially since I am publicly being like BOOO YAH!!!, but seriously ….. Where’s my money?

Bsweet Photo Brad Kearns 2

photo by Brad Kearns

So despite clearly being a publicity stunt it was pretty awesome. Yes I said publicity stunt.   I mean its mid November. Bittersweet has achieved this only once before.  With warm weather and rain in the forecast and knowing what I know about Bittersweet it could have been nothing else. Turns out their sister resort, Mt Holly, opened at 3 that day as well.  Regardless, it was much appreciated and kudos to them for pulling it off. Not only did it lift hundreds of spirits it helped kick start the season. Working in a shred shop I have already seen the effects first hand. The opening has driven business and interest which is awesome. Not everyone spends every waking minute since the end of their previous season planning for the next.

Bsweet Photo Noah Genzink

photo by Noah Genzink

They had two runs, their bunny hill open, and the coverage I must say was impressive. They do pride themselves on their snowmaking capabilities. It was hard pack and fast as shit. Tons of the usual Bittersweet locals were there making for a good time. I mean the stoke level was super high. Even the Ski Patrol was being cool. Kyle Kearns, Mac Eckstrand, Nate Anderson and myself took many a turn riding off the closed lift unloading ramp. Pretty much a ramp drop to flat ground covered in ice rock crystal death hell.  Something we would never get away with more than once in the season and we did it the entire night. Needless to say, after a few runs everyone was looking for something to hit. It wasn’t long before Mac and Nate started rolling out cut down logs from the tree line into the run and we started hitting that. Ski patrol minded, but we managed to convince them that we needed to go down the hill and back up before they got put back. They magically agreed. I mean it was good vibes like that all night. Before long many more good time folks showed up. Alycia Choroszucha from Cburg and a few of her friends came. Taylor Silverman and Waffle were there. Local playboy Scotty Saeger along with Thomas Hollman.  Joel Boersma arrived later on I mean it was awesome. People in the parking lot were being cool and chit chatting and just in general everyone was just enjoying themselves. Good times.

bsweet photo Brad Kearns 3

photo by Brad Kearns

Bittersweet and their staff did an awesome job and we appreciate it. This year is going to be the best. Bet!

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