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Oh man, we are so stoked to have another unconventional shred edit for you guys in this week’s staff pick. With Marc Moline behind the lens, Drew Nelson puts some riding down that makes you forget all about the hammers you have planned for this season and reminds you exactly why you love to snowboard. Videos with a soul aren’t easy to make and this was executed beautifully.  Drew is a top-shelf shred. Any picture you see of this kid he is mid huge gap to some feature and it all looks casual. Some of you would say that this edit isn’t a fair representation of his abilities and we beg to differ.  Making a video like this takes restraint. It requires a confidence not usually found in kids these days. The confidence to be smooth and not do a hucked backside five or front flip of every feature. Much like Tommy Young’s riding in Keep Snowboarding; Drew nailed his riding for this video and in turn created something much more than your standard edit. It’s something that actually makes you feel an emotion… for that we salute him.

The Woods – Featuring Drew Nelson from Antix Media on Vimeo.


Name Drew Nelson
Hometown Grand Rapids, Michigan
Resort Cannonsburg
Set Up Currently boardless.
I broke it at Hawk Island post-season,
and have been borrowing my friends’ in the meantime.
Planning on picking up a Rome Artifact Rocker for this season.
Union contact bindings
Burton Rampant boots.
Stance Goofy as hell.
Video Credit Marc Moline

Talk about the edit.

michigan boarder, snowboard, michigan, midwest, snowboarding, Drew NelsonMarc and I collaborated on “The Woods.” I got tired of the same old riding day in and day out, so I ventured into the woods behind Cannonsburg and saw a lot of potential in the existing mountain biking features, and figured with some additions and modifications, I could make a pretty legit set-up.

Building and filming took about a month total. The weather was really off and I ended up having to rebuild a lot of stuff because of rain and meltdowns.

Give us some info on you. Anything you want to talk about snowboard related?

I started working at Cannonsburg last season doing park crew and some cat operating. This season I’m doing feature fabricating and maintenance with Kelly Bennett and Stephan Miller.

As much as I love the parks we put together, I’m really looking forward/hoping to put together a full street part this season.

michigan boarder, snowboard, michigan, midwest, snowboarding, Drew Nelson


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