Ninja Suit by Airblaster

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Ninja Suit by Airblaster

Who : Airblaster
What : Ninja Suit
Where : Your local dealer of Blasted Air
When : Available now, Daniel-san!
Why : 7 piece ergonomic hood, 4 way stretch wicking Air Tech fabric, 350 degree waist zip,front fly, thumb loop cuffs,

How : This is the best piece of first layer ever!!!!! This 4 way stretching material keeps you warm by wicking moisture away from your body keeping you dry from the inside. Ever dip your cold hand in water? Wet skin is cold skin! The one piece has you covered head to toe so no snow can sneak in on ya! Don’t need the hood? Zip it down to the neckline and lay it down. You’ll never know it’s there! Fly in the front for #1, 350 degree zipper for #2. You never have to take this little slice of heaven off! The Ninja Suit is not just for winter sports, it’s for any time you need to stay warm (they make great PJ’s for couch surfing)!

Personal Thoughts : I haven’t rode a day without it since they released in 2006… That is all!



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