Nubs Nob 4th annual Manna Jamma

michigan boarder, snowboard, michigan, midwest, snowboarding, nubs nob, manna jamma

Photo by John Curtis

More rails, more bangers, more blood.

That’s how this year’s Manna Jam at Nubs Nob could be described compared to the past several years. Always falling on the weekend after Thanksgiving, the Manna Jam is usually

michigan boarder, snowboard, michigan, midwest, snowboarding, nubs nob, manna jamma

Photo by John Curtis

one of the first preseason events drawing in kids from all over the state hungry for at least a rail standing in the snow. Due to early openings and other preseason events hosted by Cannonsburg and Hawk Island this wasn’t the case, so the turnout wasn’t as heavy as years before, but the set up was heavier than any preseason event so far or any park that is setup in Michigan right now. The Nubs park crew was out from 9 am until almost midnight the night before setting up and testing all the features. The Manna course was placed on one of the front face runs of Nubs. On the course was an up bar, a gap to down bar, a 32 foot round bar, the Michigan Boarder flat bar, an actual jump in the middle of the lines, a spine, a stepped box, a up corrugated to box and a donkey.

Kids hiked all day up the Manna park in order to win prizes provided by Nubs park sponsors. Specific tricks for the prize showdowns were the back 270 on the gap bar, gap to back lip on the flat of the donkey rail, and the best crail grab on the mini jump.



Something that seemed strange this early in the season was the fact that every single kid was throwing down bangers. Noah Talentino from Sault St.Marie,MI was going big or going to his face on every feature in the park. Several Marquette folk were spitting out bangers and pretty much owning the donkey. Paul Dobry threw down a tailpress front 3 on the Michigan Boarder flat rail that was airtight, but there was one guy who was pretty much showing everyone else up.  Dan Pandzic, from Sault St.Marie Ontario, went home with best rider overall and the most blood that could come out of someone’s face. He killed the long round bar and the MB rail with several different combo tricks (not Tony Hawk combos…maneuvers that actually looked good) and a variety of switch tricks.

When all of the features had pretty much been owned and all the kids were fatigued by hours of endless hiking, the Manna Jam ended on a super positive note. The park was a real success. 80+ kids came from all over Michigan and parts of Canada to participate. The Manna Jam helped raise $2,000 and a bin and a half of canned food items for Manna Food Project which was the main purpose of the event; to give to those in need and shred for fun.


I Love Nub’s Park S3.EP.1 – 4th Annual Manna Jam from Nub’s Nob Webcasts on Vimeo.

Written by Mike Harrington
Edit by Mike Harrington

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