Hate by Burton

michigan boarder, snowboard, michigan, midwest, snowboarding, burton, hateHate by Burton

Who : Burton
What : Hate
Where : Burton Restricted Dealers (cannot buy online)
When : Get off yer butt and go grab one now!
Why : Fillet-O-Flex, Jumper Cables, Frostbite Edges, Rail Ready Edges, Flat Kicks, Twin Shape, Twin Flex, The Channel*

How : The Filet-o-flex makes this board, all the other features are bonuses (like finding extra jelly beans in the bottom of your Easter basket)! Here’s an easy understanding of how it works. If you make the core of the board 30% thinner the board will feel softer right? If you add a sturdier fiberglass it will make the board feel stiffer right? So if you do both of those things to the same board the flex will stay the same as it was in the past because they will cancel each other out. Still with me? Here’s the important part, the wood in the core can definitely give the board extra pop and power but it’s more the job of the fiberglass. Therefore Burton has taken a soft, playful feeling board and made it sturdier and snappier without stiffening the board! Mind – blown! Now throw in some of the carbon Jumper Cables in the tips and the Frostbite Edges at your feet and you’ve got a kick ass park board that holds it’s own outside the park.

michigan boarder, snowboard, michigan, midwest, snowboarding, burton, hate

Personal Thoughts : once again Burton’s mad scientists have dropped some knowledge and made something that does 100% what they say it does. No gimmicks included. It was a super fun buttery board that felt lively and powerful. Park boards are always fun to fart around on because of how soft and smooth they feel but usually lack the energy you need for high speed riding. The Hate is the best of both worlds!


*Burton DID NOT put The Channel on their boards so you have to ride their bindings! The Burton EST bindings do offer the best Flex/Feel/Adjustment so they are recommended. If you have a non-Burton binding just ask your local dealer about getting some comparability discs.

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