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SELECT u.ID as uid, u.display_name, cast(m4.meta_value as datetime) as last_activity, 99999 as distance,
WHEN u.display_name LIKE ‘% %’ THEN right(u.display_name, length(u.display_name)-locate(‘ ‘, u.display_name))
ELSE u.display_name
END AS surname
FROM wp_users u
LEFT JOIN wp_usermeta m4 ON u.ID = m4.user_id
m4.meta_key = ‘symposium_last_activity’ AND
(u.display_name IS NOT NULL) AND
(lower(u.display_name) LIKE ‘p%’)

ORDER BY cast(m4.meta_value as datetime) DESC
LIMIT 0,1000

pitted_f.blunt, last active 3 years ago.

Peacock on a snowboard, last active 4 years ago.

East Lansing, U.S.

ParkPickle153, last active 4 years ago.

Started a new forum topic in General Topics: Best Terrain Park??
Park Ridge, U.S.A.

PattMearson, last active 4 years ago.

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